Ravens' Tales

Bringing Myths to life

Organising Your Visit From Ravens' Tales.

Don't hesitate to contact me to chat about your requirements, with no obligation.

You can find out how, or make a booking, by using the contact details on the next page.

I will need to know the following information as you plan your booking:

  • Where you want me to be and when.
  • The type of group or event.
  • How long you want each session to last.
  • The approximate group size.
  • The historical period you require.
  • If you have a preference for particular kinds of stories.

Your Storyteller will need:

  • A performance space large enough to accommodate her audience which will be free from interruptions for the duration of the performance
  • Access to a ladies' cloakroom or other area to complete costume and make-up details.
  • A seat for the storyteller, although she will also move around. This is usually best at floor level, not on a stage, especially for children's & family groups.
  • Listeners' seating arranged to be close to the storyteller - a semicircle is often best if this is possible.
  • Water, squash, tea or coffee! (if possible.)

Scale of Charges:

Library or Event, Full day ---- from £150

School, Full day workshops,--- £180

School,Full day just stories, ---£150

Local School, half day,----------£ 85

Children's parties, (2 hours,up to 20 children)----------------------------£70

Daytime or Evening visits for groups, per hour,- ----------------------- £35

Plus mileage fee of 45p per mile, waived for very local bookings by negotiation.