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Egyptian storytelling and discussions with a spiritual development group.

Groups and Parties

Ravens' Tales will visit children's groups such as out-of-school and holiday clubs, hospitals, Scout and Guide group sections at meeting halls or campsites, etc. The length and type of session can be negotiated around time required and distance to travel, based on our standard fees.

Adult groups:  

Any gatherings interested in myths and legends, and those looking for an unusual guest speaker, are also catered for. Format is usually an introduction followed by a series of linked tales, lasting for a pre-decided time, followed by questions or discussions if requested: talking about comparative mythology is always interesting! Content will often include more adult themes than presented to children, including the darker sides of characters, but will always be appropriate to the audience.

Children's Parties:

I will come to your party location , and organise games and fun activities themed around the historical period you have chosen. Anyone fancy a Viking Sea-battle without getting wet? What about "don't wake the Pirate", or "Dodge the Harpies" ? I will also tell one or more stories - usually in the slot following food. 

Ideas for fancy-dress costumes for the guests can be provided to the party booker in advance, if required, along with menu suggestions for the period - for example, food for a Viking feast or Greek gathering which is easy to prepare &  appealing to the guests.